Easier start for foreigners

• Are you starting your work or studies in Poland?

• Are your looking for a trusted person who would be your interpreter
and advisor in many especially formal situations in Poland?

• You don't know the Polish language or cultural specificity and need a concrete pack of information?

Don't get stressed with language or bureaucracy! Things can be simpler ;)

How can I help you?

Formal matters in Poland

I'll help you with official matters like filling in the forms in Polish.

Public administration

I'll accompany you in various formal situations and help you to understand and get things done eg.a permission to stay, a blue card, a driving licence, a PESEL or NIP number.

Acommodation and residence

I'll help you with renting an apartment, signing of agreements on the phone, electricity, gas or car, etc.


When you need help with booking an apointment with a doctor or interpreting during your visit or some advice at a pharmacy - I'll be there for you.

Easier start

When you'll start living in Poland some matters will probably be mysterious at the beggining. I can help you with you first steps like shopping or transportation.

Everyday situations

From time to time you will experience situations like visit too the post office, fixing your washing machine or making a complaint about a broken-down device. I'll do it on your behalf.

About me

Hi, I'm Barbara!

I have met many foreigners, who became my friends and who had difficulties at the beggining of living in Poland. I advised them and helped them communicate with offices of public administration but also in everyday situations. Most barriers came from language and specificity of formalities. I can imagine that the decision about coming to Poland wasn’t simple for you, the closer the more questions appear. On the one hand it is an exciting and unforgetable life experience but on the other it is also stressful because of many cultural and formal issues.

I'm a crosscultural psychologist with many years of business experience, so as you can suspect I love working with people. It’s clear to me that you need someone who will be sensitive to your situation, communicative, positive and open-minded but most of all effective in bringing you the needed knowledge and getting the formal cases. I have met many working foreigners in Poland who had different difficulties in which I advised them. Check what I can do for you and contact me. At this moment I mostly work in Silesia the south part of Poland.

How can you start to cooperate with us?

Every case is quite specific. First let's talk about your needs, terms of cooperation, and payments, so we’ll have a clear situation.

Write or call me


Tell me what you need


I'll make valuation and action plan


We'll get things done!


We moved to Poland almost one year ago and Barbara helped us a lot with the 'Foreigners papers'. Now she is our friend and guardian angel.


Barbara made our life in Poland easier. She helped us to obtain documentations of public departments with totally support in Polish and she showed us how to move step by step through it.


Barbara´s advises helped me to go through renting process from understanding the contract (Polish Laws) and also advising me about which decisions to make.



Let's be in touch


Write to me: help@livingin.pl

Call me: +48 530 30 30 04

Contact me on WhatsApp